Cuevas De San Marcos

Cuevas De San Marcos is a typical Andalucian farm town situated in the North Eastern corner of the province of Malaga, bordering with the province of Cordoba. It spills down the side of hill underneath the Sierra de Malhombre mountain, with views out across extensive olive groves. There are many shops and bars along with a market, which is held every Saturday Morning. There are two excellent public swimming pools, which are open in the summer months.

hotel Cuevas de san marcos spainThe town is very Spanish with many little squares to relax in and bars and restaurants to while away the day in. However the town is only 1 hour’s drive from Malaga and Granada Airport and resorts such as Torremolinos. It is also only 1 hour’s drive to the skiing resort of the Sierra Nevada. The large towns of Antequera and Lucena are only 20 minutes drive away, and have large hypermarkets for shopping. Antequera boasts the nearest golf course.

The Iznajar Dam is certainly the most prominent landmark in the area. Most of the reservoir itself is in the Cordoba province but the dam itself is quite close to the town of Cuevas De San Marcos. Many townspeople come here on weekends to swim and picnic in the beautiful fresh water landscape. It is a popular spot with local fishermen as well.

The Camorro Mountain Range is another local landmark although the highest peaks here do not reach a thousand meters above sea level. This means the weather in the summer is hot, usually reaching a constant forty degrees plus during the day in August, but rarely ever getting down to freezing at night during the winter.

Above the village you can visit the famous Belda Cave, by walking up the forested hillside above the village. The interior of the cave is made up of Stalagmites and Stalactites and three large interior lakes with one of the biggest bat colonies in Europe inhabiting this cave. On the peak of the Camorras there is the remains of the medieval town of Recca, now an important archaeological site.

There are plenty of ferias and carnivals throughout the year in Cuevas De San Marcos. The main one takes place in August, when friends and families from near and far get together to enjoy several days and nights of music and dancing in the streets. Another important festive event is Las Candelas, taking place on the night of December 7th, in which choral groups sing around bonfires and candles are lit in the streets. This festival is celebrated at the same time in the other towns and villages in the Axarquia region, as is the festival of the Virgen del Carmen on July 16th. Holy Week is an important festive time too, with processions on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The festival in honour of the towns patron saint, San Marcos, takes place on the nearest weekend to April 25th.